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Lambert established his repair company over 30 years ago and with the help of his family has grown the business to over 3 facilities in 2 locations. His two daughters Steffie and Imke now help run the business day-to-day and with financial insight from Cromax the family has grown the business enormously over the past 4 years.

They meet with Cromax round the table every month to go over the financial details of the business and also to look at the wider market. These consultations help them see how they are performing and provide insight on how they can potentially make improvements to their business.

The latest result is a new "day repair" facility which allows small repairs to be completed in one-day. Cromax helped with analysis and advice on the costs and the volumes and profit margins involved in the repairs.


I don't think we could have reached this level of quality without Cromax.



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