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Michael is responsible for the paint shop at a large family-run company that resprays not only cars and commercial vehicles but even things like helicopters. He uses the whole range of Cromax products because they save him both time and energy.

Take the PS1084 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacer for example. It uses a brand new technology and can be sanded after just 20-40 minutes of air drying which means costly IR or UV lamps aren’t necessary. Air drying also means Michael can handle any number of jobs of all sizes simultaneously and so maximize throughput through the body shop.

Used in combination with CC6700 Ultra Performance Energy Clear, the savings are even greater. This new, high-technology clear coat is also designed for fast air drying while giving a top quality finish.

Air-drying not only means Michael saves energy and cuts electricity costs. But, because drying times are quicker, he and his team can work faster and get more vehicles done in one day which has a massive impact on productivity. All in all, it’s a win-win situation: lower costs and higher performance.

“What I appreciate most about Cromax is that they deliver on their promises – not only with their products but with their service too.”



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