Kwik Color - a temporary paint repair solution – is another Cromax initiative our dedicated bodyshops can offer to their customers. Small paint chips and scuffs can happen easily, but car owners often don’t have the time to get them repaired immediately. Kwik Color is a simple, easy and temporary solution for vehicle owners to do themselves.


When a car is being repaired, the bodyshop sprays the same formula – basecoat and clear coat - on the specially designed, flexible plastic Kwik Color film. The Kwik Color film holder is given to the vehicle owners when they collect the car. If the car then gets chipped or scratched, the car owner can temporarily repair the damage by following three simple steps.

  1. First, the car owner chooses a pre-marked shape on the reverse of the sheet, or creates a shape that best covers the defect.
  2. Then, the owner cuts the shape from the Kwik Color film with ordinary scissors and removes the pre-painted film from the backing sheet.
  3. Finally, the car owner carefully presses the cut-out shape over the defect and secures it by rubbing it in place.

The result is a simple and good-looking repair with a perfect colour match that will last until the car can be taken back to the bodyshop.


Kwik Color adds extra value to a bodyshop’s offerings. It supports the perception of the bodyshop as a partner for the vehicle owner and helps to generate return business while increasing customer loyalty.